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You are not alone


We know changing is the hardest thing you can pursue in life. We stand firm on being a resource 24/7 to help you beat your addiction.


We are partners with you in this journey, and provide an open environment for you to share your hardships. This allows us to push you to be the best you.


Our goal is to have you to be a self-sufficient member of society,. We know you can be the person your friends and family depend on if you are willing to work hard.



Our team, led by founder and executive director Detria Greene care about your journey to a healthier state of being.


It is Greene's passion to provide a judgment-free zone for you or your loved one to live an addiction free lifestyle.


Detria Greene

What is an Addiction?

Society often focuses on the obvious habits like drinking and smoking, but addiction runs deeper than what the eyes can see. Addiction by definition is the harmful habit-forming abuse of a substance, thing, or activity. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, or an activity like pornography, we're here to help. Our team has experienced first-hand the effects of addiction and care about your well-being. 

We offer support in a judgement-free environment to help facilitate your growth to break whatever habit has you in bondage and challenging your freedom. We want you to blossom into the person we both know you can and will be. Rehabilitation is only a call away. Pick up the phone now to get the support you need.

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